TiO₂ sol Photocatalyst Just as photosynthesis produces oxygen through chlorophyll as a catalyst to purify forests, photocatalysts are literally catalyzed by light energy. Excellent bacteria removal effect

Characteristic of titanium dioxide raw material

  • Materials coated with uniform titanium dioxide can retain color or shape
  • Available at room temperature coating, applicable to various materials
  • Ultrafine titanium dioxide can be manufactured to maximize light activity.
  • Production of functional coatings for hydrophilicity, antifouling, ultraviolet ray blocking and corrosion prevention
  • The material coated with titanium dioxide is NOx, odor gas, etc. by ultraviolet rays such as sunlight or fluorescent lamps.
    Can decompose air pollutants and volatile organic compounds
  • Applied to houses, hospitals, subways, public buildings, etc., it not only removes odors but also sterilizes.
    Keeping a pleasant and clean living environment
  • Used outside the building to break down contaminants and keep them clean.

Applicable Field

  • Glass, Ore, Metal, etc.

  • Paper, wood, fibers, plastics, etc.

  • Materials for Air / Water Pollutant Cleaning

  • Other hydrophilic, antibacterial and deodorizing applications

Photocatalyst Function

(organic decomposition)
Ordinary antimicrobial agents have no lasting power, so the antimicrobial effect decreases with time, but titanium oxide absorbs light and has a high antimicrobial endurance.

Air Purification / Deodorization Surface adsorption decomposes odors and bacteria in indoor and closed spaces and shows excellent deodorizing function even in low concentration areas..

Self-cleaning (self-cleaning) The coated substrate decomposes the organic matter contaminated by the light of the sun, decomposes, and flows without condensation by rain water, so that various contaminants are washed in water to keep it clean at all times.

Sun protection Because ultraviolet light is used as an energy source, it has a blocking effect. It can be applied to products that are easily damaged by UV light such as blinds, clothing and wood.

Hydrophilic When coated on the substrate, it shows strong affinity with water and flows down without forming water droplets.

Durable It is continuous, not one-time, to ensure continuous durability.

Raw material of photocatalyst

Daesu Hi-Tech
product name DSC-100W DSC-200E DSC-200D DT-500B
Particle size <10nm <10nm <20nm ∮3~5
content <5% <3% <3%
pH 2 4~5 4~5
Decision Anatase Anatase Anatase Anatase
shape Water system alcohol Water system
Attribute Transparent liquid Transparent liquid
Room coating
Transparent liquid
Room coating
TiO2 coating
Content Antibacterial / deodorized Hydrophilic, antifouling / UV blocking / corrosion prevention Refractive index For air / water treatment