Pollutant adsorption coating COATINGS A coating product containing the surface protection of various metals and adsorption / discoloration
prevention of contaminants. Metal surface coating liquid that keeps the surface of substrate always
clean by simple water washing during coating.


Preventing adsorption of pollutant with one time of coating

It is a function that can easily remove the surface of the substrate that is not easily removed due to contamination due to dust powder and various contaminants of wheels and various metals such as automobile aluminum and sinks.


COATINGS is a one-time coating that provides long-term anti-fouling and anti-discoloration functions on the surface of wheels and metals.
When sprayed on the surface of the substrate, it shows excellent effect in removing various dusts and contaminants.

Intended use

Car wheels
Metals (sinks, hoods, air conditioning systems, etc.)