Sterilization and deodorant Python Tree Main Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide, Natural Extract (Phytoncide, Lavender)

  • Just as photosynthesis produces oxygen through chlorophyll as a catalyst to purify forests, photocatalysts are literally catalyzed by light energy. Excellent for removing germs from products.

  • Silver (Ag) is an excellent antibacterial activity against 650 kinds of bacteria, viruses, molds and odor removal by bacterial propagation, and it controls silver particles with silver nano yellow nano size (1 billionth meter). Maximized product.

  • Phytoncide is a generic name of a disinfectant substance emitted by plants, which helps to bathe in forests in the dense forests, and clears the body and mind damaged by harmful substances and stress, thereby enhancing immunity and natural healing power.

purpose of use

Bedding, toilet mat, textile clothes, car mat, cloth sofa, curtains, shoes, mold, etc. where bacteria can grow.


Removal of indoor harmful gases such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and formaldehyde / removal of odors and various odors Elimination of harmful bacteria such as Escherichia coli and O-157 bacteria, virus sterilization and stress healing effect of phytoncide