Use of technology

How to use the technology of Daesoo Hi-Tech

  • Car

    Headlights, side mirrors, paint

  • Buildings

    Interior and exterior materials, glass, tiles

  • Agriculture

    Green house, greenhouse

  • Waste water treatment

    PCB hardly degradable wastewater, landfill leachate

  • Standby Purification

    NOx, Dioxin, VOC Removal Diesel Engine Exhaust

  • Air purification

    Air Purifier, Air Conditioner

  • Road sign

    Tunnel lights, soundproof walls, signs

  • Antibacterial products

    Sanitary ware, antibacterial tile, medical device

Field of use
TiO₂ photocatalysts have a wide range of applications
available in various industrial locations
Air / Water Pollution Purification Systems, Air Purifiers
Indoor coatings for antibacterial / deodorant in hospitals or homes
Contamination prevention and self-cleaning (Self-cleaning)
Building interior and exterior materials


Features of photocatalysts Super hydrophilic function
Photocatalyst Function Organic matter (antibacterial)
degradation function